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kussu productions®

Independent Spirit - Global Strategy

Our Music Licensing Policy



Fast, easy and we offer competitive fees, based on your music budgets (project-by-project basis).

The catalog is structured to provide highest quality music for independent production companies, major companies or individually owned operation. 

As a music production and publishing company, we own both master and the copyright or control both rights, which make the licensing process easy and painless while you save time and money. 

Both Synchronization and Master Use Agreement can be acquired from kussu productions®. 
Music licenses are available for broad rights to cover all terms and territories.

For Licensing into Movies, Ads/Commercials, Compilations, TV & Radio, Video games as well as any of your other musical needs, please contact us at:

For questions on in-store music licensing for your restaurant, hotel, club, airplanes or other business, please contact us here. 

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