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kussu productions®

Independent Spirit - Global Strategy

Artist Development

Why does kussu productions® believe in "Artist Development"?

- Artist Development is the key for a "Long And Lasting" career in the music business. We allow and give artist the chance to develop mentally and spiritually and therefore master what he or she does best.

- Our job is to understand their visions, nurture their talents and help them develop their own sound, style and eventually help  them discover what is unique about them as artists.

- We strongly believe that when the artist loves what he or she does, together with our know-how and experience, success will naturally follow.

- It takes time, energy and money to invest on raw talent that's for sure, but if Bruce Springsteen was not given the chance to  develop he would have never made that masterpiece that connected with a generation.

- We develop marketing and business strategies that individually fit to each artist.

- Building a loyal fan base is crucial in our Artist Development program.




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