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About The Very Best Of Independent Music



The Very Best Of Independent Music is a series of music compilations marketed by kussu productions® to promote, create an awareness and to help thousands of great and creative musicians from around the world achieve their goals by exposing their music to a global audience of fans and industry professionals such as A&R executives, music supervisors, film directors and ads agencies.


Since 1994 kussu productions® has cultivated and established strong relationships and partnerships within the music, film, television and advertising industries.                                                                                                        

We aim to market and promote great music by also involving music lovers and fans in the process of music making and during the project initiation phase to build the connection between the fans and the artists, to increase fans' loyalty and affinity by engaging with online communities in a meaningful way and forging a personal connection with music buyers.


Why should you as a fan and music lover support "The Very Best Of Independent Music" project?


- Discover new great-music and artists that you would otherwise never know they exist 

- Help and motivate these talented musicians to create more great music

- Supporting the project will help them to remain independent

- Buying their music will provide them with the necessary money and resources to continue to be free and concentrate "ONLY" in doing what they love namely, making music!

- Finally, music is a spiritual gift and artists are visionaries and messengers. When their minds are free, they can beautifully create great and inspiring music that will give us joy and inspire us throughout life.

© 2016 - 2020 The Very Best Of Independent Music. A kussu productions® Project 

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